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Your genuine and discreet high quality distributor of fully customizable sex dolls.

Our sex dolls online shop is dedicated to the sale of realistic sex dolls over the internet. Our mission statement is to offer you the widest range of quality female real sex dolls, male real sex dolls, whether in TPE or silicone selected with one objective in mind: your complete satisfaction, our guarantee.

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We offer a large choice of real sex dolls, in silicone and TPE. For smaller budgets we also offer more affordable dolls (inflatable & solid). The realistic sex dolls are classified in three main categories:

* TPE dolls which includes: realistic sex dolls which are adult sex dolls purposely designed to better replicates a real woman in her natural movements and feel with skin texture that faithfully replicated the realism of human skin; classic TPE dolls that are conceived according to well established and proven methods design and manufacturing techniques and finally the heating and moaning love dolls that support interactive functions that mimic the experience of love making with a woman
* Adult Silicone Sex Dolls that are silicone made adult dolls which are characterised by the intrinsic qualities of silicone: its durability and specific feel to the touch
* Male Sex Dolls
We hope this large and diverse selection can cater to every customer specific desires and sexual fantasies.